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Many organizations have travelled the route to effective quality management and ISO 9000 registration. We can help pave your path to registration and success.

  1. A preliminary assessment to identify what is already in place and what still needs to be done.

  2. Awareness training for management and staff to promote understanding of your goals and identify tasks.

  3. Selecting an organization your project team to take charge of the project.

  4. Selecting an accredited, compatible registrar, familiar with your business, recognized by your customers and who will treat you as a valued client.

  5. Developing your quality manual and other documentation required by the ISO standard.

  6. Staff training and putting into operation any new procedures.

  7. Training your internal audit team and begin auditing your quality management system.

  8. Submitting your quality documentation for review by the registrar and correcting any deviations from the standard.

  9. Preparing your organization for the registration audit.

  10. Workplace auditing by the registrar.

  11. Reviewing the registrar's audit report and correcting any deviations from your own procedures.

  12. Registration and celebration!

For more information on the Steps to Registration, please Contact Us.