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L. Stoch and Associates offers professional development and training seminars as a representative of Dalhousie University's College of Continuing Education. The following 2-day workshops are offered publicly across Canada. They can also be
customized to suit your needs and provided in-house at your location.

Canadian Electrical Code including Provincial Amendments
This workshop interprets and explains critical sections of the Canadian Electrical Code and the amendments made in each of Canada's Provinces and Territories. The course covers key electrical code requirements for wiring practices, grounding and bonding, protection and control, motors, fire alarm systems, high voltage substations and lines, hazardous explosion-proof locations and emergency systems.

Effective Grounding and Bonding
This course covers electrical code requirements and installation practices for grounding and bonding in electrical systems and circuits. The workshop covers effective grounding and bonding methods for high and low voltage systems and circuits, sensitive electronics, lightning protection, safety grounding, controlling step and touch potentials in substations and measurement techniques.

Electrical Hazards and How to Prevent Them
This workshop is designed for people who may not have a technical background, but are required to work in an electrical environment, need to be fully aware of electrical hazards and how to protect themselves. The course provides the required knowledge to identify and avoid the electrical risks of shock, fire and arc-flash. It covers electrical basics, how electricity is produced and distributed and how electricity affects the human body. The course emphasizes particular hazards found in high voltage substations, wet areas and explosion-proof areas.